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User Mode Linux and Testing SMP Kernel Modules
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, Axian, Inc.
(at, 03/03/2003)

"... there is now a method of simulating a SMP system with a single CPU Linux system. Fantastically, it requires no financial investment. The tool is Jeff Dike's User Mode Linux (UML). UML was developed as a new Linux architecture, although it doesn't have any associated hardware. It will eventually run on any physical platform. An instance of Linux—a full Linux kernel running with its own complete directory tree, device nodes, file systems, etc. as needed—runs in non-privileged user mode as an application ... "

Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, Axian, Inc.
(at, 12/12/2002)

“Many developers are eagerly awaiting the 2.6 Linux kernel. The feature freeze has passed, with a code freeze planned for January and final release slated for the second quarter of 2003. There is considerable excitement about anticipated enhancements, especially regarding scalability and performance. However, some developers may first notice what doesn't work anymore...”

Linux Multi-threading Advances
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, Axian, Inc.
(at, 11/07/2002)

“Recent advances in Linux's threading implementation are expected to continue to ease migration from other UNIX-like operating systems. These advancements have arrived with intense activity on two fronts. First, thread-handling improvements have greatly enhanced the kernel's scalability, even to thousands of threads. Second, there are now two fresh, competing implementations of the POSIX pthreads standard (NGPT and NPTL) set to replace the aging LinuxThreads library ...”


Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features - I
(Delivered at Oregon Graduate Institute , 10/02/2002)

Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features - II
(Delivered at Oregon Graduate Institute , 10/15/2002)

Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features - III
(Delivered at Oregon Graduate Institute , 01/07/2003)

Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features
(Delivered at Mid-Willamette Valley Linux Users Group , 02/04/2003)